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Chem Dry Wicklow Wexford's premium carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning care package is designed to provide customers with unrivaled value. By getting multtiple jobs done under the same booking customers can avail of substantial savings over getting each element done individually.

The premium carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning care voucher provides deep cleaning of your carpet and will freshen up your home, remove most, if not all stains and visibly restore the appearance of your floor coverings plus deep cleaning of your suite plus the application of Chem Dry's upholstery protectant, Aqua Guard.

Whether you have a dralon, fabric, leather or suedette style suite, Chem Dry Wicklow Wexford's cleaning process will visibly improve its look and remove most stains restoring its appearance. Whilst also protecting the suite against damage from food or drink spillages Aqua Gaurd can significantly increase the life span of your suite covering.

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