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As the premier carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance specialist, Chem Dry Wicklow Wexford understands the need to balance providing the range of services you require with the quality of service and value for money you expect. With this in mind we have developed a variety of value packages designed to provide customers with a comprehensive selection of services whilst increasing value for money. By packaging services together, we have introduced a range of discounts you can avail of. The value of the discount achievable is determined by the choice of services selected, ranging from basic cleaning to a comprehensive cleaning, sanitising and fibre protectant options.

By simply selecting the package that best fits your requirements, printing the voucher (by pressing PRTSC on your keyboard) and presenting to our technician, you can avail of substantial discounts. Alternatively you can call and notify us over the phone which package is of interest and we will make note of it on your booking sheet.

Please feel free to browse our value packages and refer to Chem Dry Wicklow Wexford should you want any advice on which package may be best suited to your requirements.

Special Offers

Basic Carpet Care Package

Stain Fighter Package

Healthy Home Package

Carpet & Upholstery Care Package

Premium Carpet & Upholstery Care Package